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Heart Bean Coffee is committed to sourcing from socially and environmentally responsible farmers and cooperatives worldwide.

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We proudly present the Indy Llew Crew Mug! When you subscribe to receive Indy Llew Brew monthly, you’ll also get this one of a kind, limited edition Indy Llew Crew Mug for FREE! Share the love, share the coffee! Can you imagine the joy of sipping your Indy Llew Brew from your Indy Mug? The Indy effect is now in full sparkle! 

Supplies are limited, so if you just can’t go another day without this adorable mug in your life, be sure to subscribe to the Indy Llew Brew now! Let’s raise our mugs to Indy and her healing journey! 


Shop Local! Heart Bean Coffee is now for sale in Chico, California at S&S Produce, New Earth Market, Maisie Jane's, Made in Chico and Chico Natural Foods!

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"LOVE the coffee! Very smooth blend and smells/tastes delicious!"


"Living with multiple chronic conditions means that I have to be mindful of everything I put into my body. Coffee is one of very few comforts I’ve reserved through years of scrupulous diet changes. I
treated myself to Heart Bean’s Guardians of Hope blend this winter, and I was enthusiastically impressed at the lively, complex brew. Not only do these smooth fair trade beans smell and taste
out-of-this-world, the operation sets aside 15 percent of my funds to
support other chronic illness fighters, like me, in their healing journeys. "


“Have you ever been to a 5-star restaurant and their coffee was so delicious that you asked the waiter for the name of it? That's the kind of coffee Heart Bean Coffee creates. Superb flavor! Wonderful aroma! Makes mornings my favorite time of day!”


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