• Coffee Chats on Inclusion

    Today we are chatting about inclusion with ReillyCate! She is a high school student and the founder of a nonprofit providing support to families with children who have Down syndrome.
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    Our collaborative coffees are uniquely designed to meet the needs of populations with health concerns, making this beloved delicacy more accessible to broader communities!
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    Fundraise With Heart

    In these uncertain times, we recognize traditional fundraising opportunities for groups are limited. Enter, our Fundraising Program! Easy and accessible, non-profits, charities, groups and projects are welcome. We are focusing on groups serving pets; service and companion animals, pet rescue and animal shelters. Health-related projects for medical care, chronic illness and disabilities are welcome. Tired of GOFundMe? This is another resource to help your personal empowerment. (EX: cancer care, Lyme disease, genetic conditions, etc.) Contact us to learn more about how coffee with a pulse can help you with your fundraising goals.