Coffee Chats on Inclusion

We are excited to share with you Coffee Chats on Inclusion!

Today we are chatting about inclusion with ReillyCate! She is a high school student and the founder of a nonprofit providing support to families with children who have Down syndrome. Learning about how inclusion has shaped ReillyCate into the astute young woman she is today is a wonderful testimonial to the power of what we can do together!


“Inclusion is one of the simplest concepts that is often the hardest for people to put into action. Without it, the world is such a dull place, because we are so much better when we do life together! If it had not been for my amazing elementary school that believed in full inclusion, I would never have met some of my best friends. If I had not met my friends, I would never have started volunteering with individuals with disabilities. If I had not volunteered, I would not have started my nonprofit organization to support children with Down syndrome. Inclusion changes lives, and I wish that everyone could understand just how important it really is!”


Thank you, ReillyCate for sharing your eloquent thoughts and for being a true champion of belonging for everybody. 


We are ecstatic to share that our Indy Llew Brew -Special will be included in care baskets provided by ReillyCate’s nonprofit @thetriumtribe to families with children who have Down syndrome!