You Are Loved, Always

Confession: sometimes I fake smile. I tug the corners of my mouth taut, eyes staring wide into the camera. Getting through the day with complex health conditions, the latest of which is teaching me to push an IV pole up and down the hallway multiple times a day, is exhausting to say the least. I feel a sense of fatigue that is undescribable,  one that often leaves me feeling as though I’m not really here in the now. 


So when the camera flashes and I feel my trepidatious sense of presence, I don’t always give it my full sparkle. And that’s okay. Sometimes survival is the new sparkle.


After another sleepless night, I was surprised when a real smile snuck up on me today, though. Arm wrapped around the waist of a sturdy friend, weary head propped against his shoulder, poof, the camera snapped!


Combing through the photos, I was surprised to catch a glimpse of her: the real me. My characteristic grin, eyes squinting shut and nose tipped toward the sky confirmed it: this was a R-E-A-L smile. Who knew I still had it in me?


I hope that our coffee brings you closer to the real you. It’s easy to become trapped in a cycle of survival, wondering if you are somehow sacrificing your authentic essence. May you find a shoulder to rest your head upon, a serene moment to feel the sun on your face. May you find a moment of peace with our coffee in your hands, savoring the essence of our shared struggle and shared joy.


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