Our Story

Just the two of us. We can make it if we coffee. Over the last decade, our lives have been unpredictable. With daily ups and downs in existence, challenge has been a reoccurring theme for our lives. Enter, coffee!

Coffee continues to show up for us. No matter the health challenges, no matter how many sleepless nights, there is always a robust urge of camaraderie awaiting us the next day. We are a mother-daughter duo who have encountered intense ups and downs  along our journey thus far. Coffee has provided us with constant companionship, caffination and connection beyond self.

The meditative routine of sipping coffee side-by-side has led us to a deep appreciation for the bean. Coupling our love for coffee and community, for connection and interconnectedness, has led us to create Heart Bean Coffee: coffee with a pulse. Not only has this beloved delicacy often reminded us that we still have two beating hearts, it has also propagated newfound passion to unite our pulses, our appreciation for farmers, grassroots cooperatives, ethical practices and stewardship for those who need it most.

The arrival of an aromatic cup of coffee at your fingertips is the cohesion of connection. From seed to bean to you, a pathway of partnership is created. recognizing the power of unity, we are honored to provide you with ethically-sourced coffee from Tender Loving Coffee Roasters. In short, the coffee, their socially responsible practices and warmth has won our hearts. That's why we couldn't be happier to join in partnership with TLC to share their exquisite coffee with you. Good coffee does good.